5 products I will always repurchase

This post contains  a list of skincare,  haircare products that works for my combination  sensitive  skin and dry-fine-frizz prone hair. Let’s get straight into the products. 

1. Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen 

I hated wearing sunscreens even when I knew I should  be wearing one. Why? Because  it makes me sweat like a pig. And then I came to know about this. It is tinted, matte and gets absorbed easily. I have gone through many tubes of it & recommend to everyone. It can be quite drying for some, but wearing a moisturizer solves the problem. 

2. Lactocalamine

This is a multipurpose product. If I have whiteheads  or breakouts, if my skin is not behaving properly, I lay my hands on this. This is tinted, contains zinc  oxide, which is an active ingredient  in physical sunscreen. 

3. Olive oil

I’m currently using figure olive oil. I use this on skin & hair. Result, soft hair and baby soft skin. This is a multipurpose product. It can be used as makeup remover, after bath oil, for shaving etc. 

4. Clean & clear moisturizer 

If you have oily acne prone skin, I recommend this. This is an oil free moisturizer, light weight & absorbs quickly. This contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates skin, unclogs pores and treat acne. Silicones in it gives skin a smooth feel. 

5. Dhatri shampoo

I’m person who shampoo almost everyday, so I prefer mild shampoo. I do tend to change brands but keep coming back to this. This is mild enough  to use everyday. It’s easy on pocket. Makes hair soft and shiny. Sometimes hair ends tends to become frizzy. Nothing a conditioner can’t  solve. 

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