Only 3 things needed for permanent weightloss

Hi, all. This is going to be a bit long post. I’m no expert in fitness and nutrition field. This post is about my experience, my thoughts and ramblings on weight-loss. 

              I was overweight, lost some 12kilos 6years back and have not gained weight after that. This post won’t give any miracle solution to lose weight. These are things which worked for me. 

            When Kareena Kapoor’s Tashaan released, I was wondering how the once chubby actress could look slim and fit like a stick.And how I could simply put on soo much weight. When the actress came forward revealing her diet and releasing a book on that, I felt like ‘lier, she’s living, she must have done something else’. I was just not ready to believe her diet principles. I was soo desperate, I read every article, magazine that came my way about weight-loss. 

Tip 1: read, read and read. You could always consult a dietician or seek someones help. But, reading and educating yourself about what you are going to subject your body will help you in ways – say, know about different types of diets(there’s different kinds, some of which I just have heard the name), choose diet you want to follow, know it’s pros-cons. And in some cases, just no diet at all. May be a workout routine and some lifestyle changes. 

Tip 2: Know yourself. Know your likes and dislike on food, flavors, cravings, your peak time of hunger during a day, how often you can eat and all. 

            I will cite my experience as example. I tried calorie counting, 2hour diet and paleo.I started with calorie counting. I actually wanted to follow Kareenas principle,  then I had food fear. Calorie counting made me feel like I’m ‘dieting’. Back then I related ‘dieting’  to eating less. Along with some stretching exercise, it gave great result. But then I didn’t knew when to stop. I continued it until one day I fainted. Clearly, I was enjoying food, I was eating just for the sake of it. I was fed up of calorie counting and wanted to enjoy food. I decided to read some books of dieticians which I saw rave reviews – about the dietician and that particular kind of diet. I read it. Frankly speaking I did not feel like following it, cause  it instructs to eat every 2 hour and it will be a lot of food I will be eating. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading it mainly because it took away many misconceptions I had and removed my food fear. I tried it for few days and it did have an effect on my energy levels. But then it was hard for me to follow  in my work environment. 

               Then came paleo.I diet. I read the experience of an Indian blogger and was tempted to try it. What  tempted me? Paleo meant eliminating just carbs, eat meat, fat, vegetables, and nuts as much as I want and no calorie counting. I tried it for  about  a month. By this time I didn’t care about weight scale, may be the effect of those diet books I read. But I Clearly did not enjoy  Paleo. Because it was too much meat to eat and being a South Indian, it was hard for me to eliminate carbs. 

Tip 3: maintain a food diary. This is all I do these days. Let’s say I have formulated diet exclusively for myself 😁. Jokes apart. Having done few diets, I have an idea of what works for me. I lost some bad food habit, gained some good habits. Maintaining food diary is one habit which stayed. I use fitness pal. I just make sure I have completed a day’s calorie needs and don’t make a fuss if you exceed your calorie limit. I also keep track of where my diet is going wrong and rectify it soon. 

P. S.  I’m in no way promoting ‘thin is cool’  mindset. Diet means a long term healthy food habit. If you are happy with the way you are, don’t change  yourself to prove other people a point. Are you going to loss weight  for yourself?? Give it a thought. 

Disclaimer – images are taken from Google. 

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