Chapped lip saviours and my lipcare routine 

Hi, all. I guess most people in this planet suffer from Chapped lips. And those who don’t have Chapped lips, I see you as a aliens, you can’t be human!! 
          Again, get  ready for a short blog post. Because I myself can’t get  to read long posts where they talk about everything happening in their life and the world. OK, enough talking. Let’s get into business. I’m not going to give you a long list of remedies and products. You will find here what all I tried, what worked and what didn’t. Very minimalistic. 

         What worked : This is a step by step routine. 

  • Step 1 –  Use a lipbalm every single night. Clichéd I know. But there is a twist to it. I use 2-3 coats of lipbalm. Currently use Nivea essential care lipbalm. You can buy it here
  • Step 2 – Scrub daily morning .  No lip scrub recipes or products. Just get a microfiber towel gently wipe of the lipbalm in the morning. 
  • Step 3 – use a hydrating lipproduct. I use a tinted lipbalm – lakme lip love apricot. U can buy it here. No mattes here. 

      Now the usual. Drink loads of water. Eat vegetables and fruits.

       Now, what didn’t work:

      • Using sugar Lipscrub
      • Using oils/ghee on lip. 
      • Scrubbing using  tooth brush. This just made it worse. 

      These things just didn’t work for me. And above said routine is what works currently. This routine has reduced  lip pigmentation and fine lines to great extent. 

               Do you have a remedy  or routine for dry Chapped lips? Leave yours in comments  below. Waiting  for your responses. 

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