Lakme lip love lipcare apricot

This is my favorite tinted lip balm  currently. This is peachy coral shade. 

Price : Rs. 180

I absolutely  love tinted lip balms, for they provide enough color, protection to lips. And unlike lipstick, you can really be care free about precise application. 

       I tried two shades – apricot and caramel at the Lakme counter. Caramel is more peachy. The color coded packaging makes it easier to identify product among the myriad of other products. The packaging is in exact color  of the lip balm. 

                This is very hydrating lip balm. Smoothes lip lines. This reminds me of elle18 lipstick, which have a similar bullet with moisturizing core in the center surrounded with color. But this is definitely more hydrating than those.This doesn’t feel waxy, is light on the lips. Stay on lips for 2-3hours.Doesnt stain lip. This have fruity smell. 

         Pigmentation  wise, this is not highly pigmented .It gives only sheer coverage. If you want more coverage, you can always use a lip brush, pick just color and apply on lips(that’s what the SA did on me) . This doesn’t effect their hydrating property. But don’t expect a dramatic coverage. 

      Overall, this is very hydrating tinted lip balm with sheer coverage.i would recommend  this for everyone (except if you want more coverage and more staying power, but I wouldn’t mind that.)

Rating :4.5/5