Weekend fun

1. One skincare product you are loving lately 

Clean & clear moisturiser. I have been using it for about a month now. Totally loving it. It has cleared most of my acne. It contains salicylic acid, which is an active ingredient in reducing acne. Review coming soon. 

2. What are you currently  reading? 

The monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma. It was always there in my to-read-wishlist. Soo excited  to finally  have it. 

3. Which do you prefer real books or ebooks? 

I prefer real books. Nothing  can compensate the feeling of reading  a real book. 

4. What’s your plan for today? 

Watch a movie.Read a book. Hangout. 

5. How good are you at your new year resolutions? 

Great. I fell sick. Still I’m doing good at my new year resolutions 

P. S. Please leave your replies for following questions below. Looking  forward  to your responses. Hope you all are having a great day. 

1. One skincare product you are loving lately 

2.What are you currently reading? 

3. Which do you prefer real books or ebooks? 

4. What’s your plan  for today? 

5. How good are you at your new year resolutions? 

New year resolutions 2017

I know I’m late for this post. This post was supposed  to be up two weeks ago. Then I got sick. But i didn’t backout from my resolution. So I guess it’s ok.

Well, I’m not  the kind of person  who makes  resolutions every year. I will keep this post short. I don’t  want to bug you people  with resolutions I’m making. I was irritated by reading  and hearing about everyone’s. I was like, why can’t people keep all of these to themselves. But now, I think that’s a good idea. People are going to enquire, sometimes even tease about it. Don’t  get offended. Be positive. Take it as a reminder for you.

Coming back to my resolutions, I’m keeping it simple.

1.Read a book a week.

So far I’m doing  good. Some weeks I manage to read two books. I started with fiction. I want to read from other genres as well. Currently I’m reading  ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’. What are you reading currently? Any recommendations for books to read?

2.Eat clean and workout.

I lost some 20kilos 5years back. I was overweight then. I became  soo obsessed  with  dieting I became underweight. Clearly, I didn’t knew when  to stop dieting, as in, controlling  food to lose weight.  And trust me, the hardest part is to maintain  normal weight. Not gain or lose weight. Now I’m in normal  weight range. I just have to eat healthy and  get back on doing workout. Are you following any particular diet? What workouts are you doing? What are your health goals for this year?

3.Be organized.

I’m in love  with Bullet journal. I don’t  do any fancy designs, color coding and all. I’m into minimalistic bullet journal. And the  whole idea is to save your time, keep you organized and let you have a calmer life. What i’m struggling with  is dealing in the kitchen and housekeeping. Even though I’m just learning  cooking, don’t cook often,  I find myself spending most of the day in kitchen cooking…. You know if I’m supposed to do the days cooking. And cleaning, keeping everything organized, I don’t have a schedule. What’s your housekeeping schedule like? How do you manage a day’s cooking? Do you cook the day before?.

And finally…

4.Keep calm and live your life.

Stay away from  all  negativity. Spread a smile. Live the life you want.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. What are your new year resolutions? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget  to answer all the questions.