Face acne and remedies 

Hi, all. Is anyone wondering why I specifically said ‘face acne’. Because there is a thing called ‘body acne’. For now lets talk about face acne. 

      First and foremost, never ever touch or pick a pimple. Pimple will be gone in few days, but not the scar caused if a pimple is picked. So beware. 

      I had pimples for few months and was using clean clear moisturiser, clean and clear face wash which was working fine on acne . I did not use any other product apart from the targeted moisturiser, simply because I didn’t believe using a lot of products. I knew I had to find out the cause of it, do the ‘prevention’  not ‘cure’. I also had severe  dandruff, which was all a reason for pimples. 

            When you want simple no fuss remedies for any kind of skin problem,  check  my blog. That was a shameless self promotion. Jokes apart. 

          For any kind of skin problem, I believe you should approach a lifestyle  change, ie, eat clean and good, workout, drink loads of water and get enough sleep. Apart from this, basic skincare and haircare will do the trick. 

LIFESTYLE: I made major diet change. No meat, spicy, fried or processed food, ie, eat clean . Include more Fibre, fruits and vegetables(include more cooling foods) . Drink atleast 2 litre water. Have dinner early. Sleep early  and wake up early.There was obvious result in the first week itself. 

SKINCARE : I included oil massage for about 5minutes, then followed with face wash or facescrub on alternate days. And used a moisturiser. I did try this routine without diet, but not much result was there. 
HAIRCARE: you must be wondering what haircare has to do anything with acne. Dandruff  could also be a root cause of acne. For dandruff, I used an hair oil recommended  by an ayurvedic doctor  which worked  wonders in the first  use itself. 

And last, but the most  important – clean your phone screen. 

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